Nixle provides communities throughout the country with news and information that is both proximate and personally relevant. Our technology is critical in creating new communication paths that have never existed before. We've set out to enable highly granular, location-specific information to be immediately available to users, depending on their physical location at any given time. Nixle makes this information instantly available over web, mobile, and smart phone devices.

Every piece of information and news, including municipal government information is content. Content can be found in newspapers, magazines, television, radio, computers and a myriad of mobile devices. The relevancy of this information is dependent on the consumer and their exact location. As a result, the value of information constantly changes based on where a consumer is at any given time, and whether they are accessing information over their computer, mobile phone, or smartphone device. As a result, the demand for instant access to up-to-date, personally relevant public safety and other truly local information is increasing exponentially everyday.

Nixle is a Community Information Service providing one source for access to credible real-time community information.

Nixle provides proprietary technology to local police departments, city and municipal governments, and their local agencies and community groups enabling the immediate delivery of geographically relevant information to residents and community visitors, through SMS, web, and email distribution.

Nixle's Community Information Service provides consumers with the most credible, reliable, and up-to-date personally relevant information. This highly granular, location-based information is pushed out directly to the persons it is most relevant to over the most high-speed, SMS distribution platform available.

Nixle's technology platform creates a database of community information that builds upon itself. As municipal and community-oriented groups push out their location-specific information directly to communities, the system also archives. This creates the foundation for databases of truly local news and information to virally develop for an infinite number of locales and communities, redefining the way news and information is disseminated and accessed.

Nixle's executive team has in-depth experience and a deep understanding of internal processes at local police departments, emergency service agencies, city and municipal governmental agencies and community outreach organizations. This allows Nixle's technology to be "best of breed" for these authorized users and ensures credibility of information delivered to residents and community visitors.

Registrating to Nixle is now available to all consumers throughout the United States. Although a municipality and their agencies may not currently use the Nixle service, consumers will be contacted by email when their location does become available.