What is Nixle?

Nixle is a Community Information Service built exclusively for secure and reliable communications. The Nixle service is built on the most authenticated, secure, reliable, and high-speed platform, ensuring communications are trusted and accurate.

How much does it cost?

Please call 1-855-649-5399 from 9am-5pm EDT to speak with a representative for customized pricing or for additional information.

Is Nixle secure?

Yes. Nixle is a partner with Nlets, the International Public Safety and Justice Network. Nlets is the international, computer-based message switching system that links together local, state, and federal law enforcement and justice agencies for the purpose of exchanging information. Nixle’s servers are housed within the Nlets secure facility. All local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies can send out instant, geographically-targeted information from their existing secure law enforcement terminals. Other city and municipal users send information in a similar, yet equally secure and authenticated way.

Why is Nixle important?

Until now, there has never been an authenticated and secure service that connects municipal agencies and community organizations to their residents in real-time, with the same ease and in the same way that current services such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter provide users with an unauthenticated platform for connections. Nixle solves this problem by providing ONE standardized service for consumers to receive immediate and credible neighborhood-level public safety and community information, via SMS, email, or web.

Who is authorized to send messages?

Local law enforcement agencies; city and municipal governments, their agencies and representatives; school districts; public, private, and parochial schools; county agencies who provide services to cities, municipalities, unincorporated or undesignated areas; state police patrol divisions who provide public safety services to cities, municipalities, unincorporated or undesignated areas; sheriff departments who provide public safety services to cities, municipalities, unincorporated or undesignated areas; state, federal, and national agencies and NGOs.

How do consumers receive information?

Nixle currently delivers information to consumers over their cell phones (SMS text messaging), emails (computers and smart phone devices), and simple web access at

If I am a city, municipal, county, or other agency or organization representative, how do I securely register to publish information into the service?

Any eligible information provider may directly apply for secure registration online by visiting

Can I use the system outside the USA?

We do plan to expand our service internationally. For more information about international operations, please email Nixle, LLC at

How do I change the password or update my agency information?

Log in and click “My Account” in the Control Panel. This will allow you to edit your contact information and account password. Agency information can be edited by sending email to the Secure Desk Support Center at

What type of information can an AIP send out?

Neighborhood-level to community-level: public safety alerts; up-to-the-minute need-to-know information; advisories, reminders, and last minute cancellations; municipal and community news, happenings, events, and any other relevant information an AIP wants to send out through the service.

What is the difference between the “SMS Text” and the “Full Message Text”?

The SMS text will be sent to an end user’s mobile device. It will also appear as as message summary in the email version of the message. The Full Message Text is sent to a user’s email and is instantly available to any user online at

How do I update, edit or remove a message from the system?

Click on “Sent Messages” in the Control Panel and locate the desired notification. Click “Edit” to make changes to the message and click “Deactivate” to remove the message from the system.

What are the differences between the message types?

Alert is to be used for “must know” notifications. It is similar to what many would refer to as an emergency alert. Advisory is to be used for “need to know” neighborhood public safety and community information. Community is to be used for less time-sensitive, yet important and relevant community news and information. Traffic is to be used to keep community residents and visitors constantly informed of advisories such as local traffic conditions.

How are we sure the SMS/text message was sent out/received by users?

The best way to determine if your message was sent out is to sign up to receive the updates. Sign up now at and go to the “Sign up Now!” button. Nixle uses a trusted third party platform to deliver SMS (text) messages. It is the fastest system in the entire country with a delivery completion rate of 99.99%.

Who do I contact for technical support?

To contact the Nixle Secure Desk for support, please call 1-877-NIXLE-SD or email

Who do I contact for non-technical support?

To contact non-technical agency support, please email

What is the Nixle Secure Desk?

The Secure Desk is available to AIP’s 24/7. The Secure Desk can assist you with all registration, identity certification, AIP technical support, AIP non-technical support, general inquiries and questions, and informational requests from interested agencies and organizations. To reach the Secure Desk please call 1-877-NIXLE-SD.

What is the difference between the Nixle “Newsdesk” and Nixle “Dispatch Center”?

The Newsdesk is a service that allows all of your press releases to be immediately available to your residents online at The Dispatch Center is a Secure Remote Publishing service for police officers, public safety officials, and municipal officials working in the field that need to get immediate information out to the public. Both services are complimentary! For more information, contact us at 1-877-NIXLE-NA (877.649.5362).